Diamonds Are What We Do Best

Great Lakes Diamond Brokers search for ideal cut diamonds from cutters and wholesalers from all over the world. All the diamonds we sell are certified by GIA, AGS, EGL,Hard and we provide the guidance and education to help you choose the perfect one.

How much will I save by buying a diamond from a broker?

There are many variables in calculating a diamond’s value. We regularly save our clients 10% or more. Go ahead, shop around. We promise we can save you money.

Example of  Savings

Round Brilliant / Color-H / Clarity-SI1
Average cost at retail store Great Lakes Diamond cost
1.00 carat = $6,900.00 1.00 carat = $5,500.00
1.50 carat = $12,900.00 1.50 carat = $10,600.00
2.00 carat = $17,855.00 2.00 carat = $16,200.00
2.50 carat = $24,900.00 2.50 carat = $23,000.00

Call us with the size, shape, color and clarity factors of the diamond you are interested in and we’ll save you big money!

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Do you sell jewelry?

Our specialty is finding you the right diamond, engagement rings, earrings, pendents and more.