After years of working in the jewelry business and knowing how much markup is added to pay for massive overheads, We decided that it was time for the public to save big time money on their diamond jewellery! We recommend you shop around when looking to purchase a diamond or diamond jewelry and then, take time to call us or visit us and find just how much money you can save.


pwShopping for a diamond can be a frustrating experience! We forgo the plush showrooms, high-pressure sales tactics and misleading "advice" of the all to typical retail jeweler. As a result, our prices are much lower so you get much more diamond for your money.



By working with a broker you will be purchasing your diamond directly from a cutter or wholesaler. We are committed to working for you and finding the best quality diamonds that fit in your budget. Our expertise is knowing where to find specific stones and how to negotiate the lowest possible cost.



As qualified  GIA graduate diamond graders we assure you that the color,cut,clarity and weight of any diamonds you purchase are accurate. Thats why Great Lakes Diamond Brokers provide all certified loose diamonds (GIA,EGL,AGS) and guaranty them to be conflict-free. 



We are responsible for locating the diamonds that best meet your desires and budget. We can save you time and frustration of locating and comparing diamonds in many different retail jewelry stores.


Diamonds are stunning works of nature,breathtaking and incredibly captivating. Remember a diamond is one of the most important purchases you'll ever make. We are confident you will be 100% satisfied with our affordable diamond prices and our customer service. 


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